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Nike Launches New MLB City Connect Uniform Series

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Red Sox Wear Yellow, Nike Launches New MLB City Connect Uniform Series for 2021

April 6, 2021 - 14:00 PM

For those who wondered when Nike would start to make its mark on Major League Baseball, wonder no more. After previously introducing “ColorRush” and “City” uniforms to the NFL and NBA respectively, this morning Nike has dropped its new “City Connect” series on the baseball world. Just one team will


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I should not be surprised but this is the first I've heard of this.


Blech.  The Red Sox in yellow and blue. The NBA's been doing this for a few years. It's bad. And so is this. But it's somehow just a bit worse in baseball, which is more tradition-oriented.


This isn't going to be pretty...

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Yellow and blue are the city and state colors. Lighter blue like this on the Boston flag. More of a royal is what the Marathon has always used. That said, the flags have never been a piece of the local culture the way they are in day Chicago or Portland or DC. If anything the Red Sox normal regular brand is a way bigger representation of the city.

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3 minutes ago, Froob said:

Thought it was parody at first. Where is the yellow coming from...?


Light blue and yellow are the official city colors. Doesn't make it any less :censored:ing stupid though. An organization dumb enough to trade its best player in 60 years naturally is dumb enough to do this.



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We all have grown a little tired of the NBA trotting these out each season but clearly the MLB and NHL (with reverse retro) have been watching and seeing some serious opportunities to cash in. If the NFL does axe the one-helmet rule soon, you'll know exactly why

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See what I tried to tell y'all? I tried to warn folks...I been saying it for years


People who keep talking about they want Nike to take over...this is what happens. And if MLB, the stiffest most traditional of the big leagues allows it, what hope is there for any other league?

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