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I like the Arizona Diamondbacks original colors better than the current colors. I love the teal of the Marlins original uniforms and own an all-teal cap. I actually like the Clippers home and blue jerseys, oh and the Charlotte Hornets original look with the purple, green and teal pinstripes, oh and the Warriors orange/red in their uniforms they just got rid of.

Then again, there's also my opinion that if you put teams like Boise State in the Big 10, that over time they could compete! Isn't that right infrared? :P

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I think the Edmonton Oilers vintage colors are far and away the worst in hockey and terribly dated.

I think the entire Dallas Stars identity is extremely feminine.

The Flyers vintage/current look is held back by the nameplates and numbers that don't fit in the sleeve stripes. I understand being historically accurate if it's for a special event but if they're going to be used full time please don't retain sloppiness such as this.

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Love these


I will see you your Beale Street and raise you this...


I love the city inspired jersey trend that is taking over the NBA like these, Hornet's Mardi Gras and the Suns PHX. I dont see what there is to not love about the teams embracing the city they play in instead of just making something black.

I also love the Thrasher's home jersey (somebody please tell me why others dont like 'em?)

I love the Oiler's metal oil drop logo.

I loved the Neon Green Seahawks.

I LOVE NIKE! There I said it. The pro combat thing last year was amazing. Whats not to love about their marketing? Look what they did to TCU.

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It appears loving gray facemasks is not all that unpopular, people that hate them are just bigots.

I suppose that makes me graycist, then.

/bad puns

Grey facemasks can work, but only in certain situations....

If the team's colourscheme includes grey or silver, or if they've never worn anything else. Once a team goes with coloured masks, however, going back to grey just seems artificial.

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Loved these....hated the outcome of the game, however.


In my opinion, the best uniforms in football (even if the brown-on-orange look is rarely, if ever used in Cleveland), although Stipe-era sock stripes would be an improvement

I really liked the Kellen Clemens-era of Oregon uniforms


I really like these White Sox uniforms, especially the caps


I also like gray facemasks.

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-every single canucks logo/jersey combination ever. i love all the colours they had ESPECIALLY the marron/navy/silver era


-mighty ducks. everything about them

-burger king uni's

-florida panthers rbk piping orgasm jerseys

-most reebok templates

-dallas stars home jersey

-thrashers demented T logo


-capitals white pants

-fishsticks jersey/logos

-san jose sharks black third


dont like

-wild's red jersey

-red wings red jersey

-penguins powder blues. i hate them with a passion

-new jerseys current set

-hockey helmets. it would be awesome if the NHL was helmetless again. yet there would a ton more injuries because of them.

-sharks current shade of teal, it reminds me of seaweed.

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I also, for some reason, have never cared much for white helmets in the NFL. Sure, if your uniform is predominately white, it works, but the teams that do wear white helmets (Cardinals, Colts, Chargers and Dolphins come to mind) often don't have predominately white uniforms (excluding the road, of course), and I just feel their identities would be more creative with a more colorful helmet.

Along with gray facemasks, I just find white helmets to be "default" and boring.

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It seems that many of these logos are appreciated or longed for after they've been retired. I think that's just human nature. So, with that said, my all-time favorite cap: the Red Sox 1975-78.

I can also appreciate the tradition and all-around classy looks of the Dodgers and Cardinals.

Worst look - any pinstriped uniform. Hideous! (And yes, I know the Sox once wore pinstripes!)

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I don't like the North Stars logo. The N is crooked, awful, and weird. The arrow is cheesy. Such a cool name deserves a better logo.

And the Twins TC hat sucks.

The original Phoenix Coyotes logo is one of the all-time best.

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Hated the original Ravens logo.

Loved the "Burger King" kings look. I always wonder how that would have looked in black.

Loved Cooperalls. Come on who plays on ice with short pants?

Thought the Michigan Panthers, Jacksonville Bulls and Pittsburgh Maulers were some of the best football helmets ever.

Hate the Penn State football uniform.

Loved the Will Clark era SF away jerseys.

Love the Caps...Hate both the original and current logos.

Logoless football helmets are dumb at every level.

Sorry but the powder blue Chargers jerseys are crap.

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