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I think the Sabres have a really good uniform template. It's the Buffaslug that ruins it for me.

A large majority seemed to love the Minnesota Wild green third jersey uniform, but I hate it. There's so little red, and it eliminated the stripes on the pants.

I think the Oilers and Islanders will miss the mark when they return to royal blue and orange.

I hate the Blackhawks throwback third jerseys and the regular black third jerseys.

I love the uniforms of the Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, new 49ers, and Miami Dolphins (navy blue and all)

I love the new Utah Jazz color scheme

I hate all of the extraneous alternates in baseball.


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One of my favourite NHL jerseys of all time.

Oh, and I hate grey baseball uniforms.

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Most people love the Phillies sky blue and maroon days, but I feel these unis were much better:


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Dr. Kelso: My son is a big baseball fan. Not so much playing it, but more the designing and sewing of uniforms.

Tyler: That's neat.

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  • My favorite NHL uniform of all time is the Christmas Devils. They took a unique uniform away and went with same ol' same ol', but it's wildly popular.
  • I love the creamsicle Buccaneers.
  • I hate two beloved Wild uniforms: The red with the circle crest (marginalizing the great logo) and the green alt that barely uses red.
  • Most people prefer animal head logos (Jags, Panthers, etc.), but I like full body logos (Jags former sleeve logo, Bubbles the Lion)
  • I loved the old AZ Cardinals Uniform (with animal head...d'oh)
  • While I agree with most of you that monochrome in the NFL sucks, I disagree with all the white on white lovers. I think that's just as bad.
  • Block numbers. I'd prefer block numbers on almost any uniform. The Steelers should have kept 'em, and the original Jags with Block numbers was better. I don't like almost any others...Hate the Brewers, Wild (on the whites), T-Wolves, Wisconsin hoops, etc. Block numbers to me seem "bold" and I'd honestly be OK if every team used 'em.

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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I'm with you on those Broncos throwbacks. Sheer beauty, the best they've ever worn.

My own heresy is about the Packers' untouchable uniforms. I was terribly disappointed that the rumored early 1990s switch-to-navy never happened, and I still wish that Ron Wolf had the guts to pull the trigger on his redesign in 1994.

It's not too late, Green Bay. The Rodgers era is just beginning.

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I am a HUGE fan of the Rockets 1996-2003 "pajamas". I thought that uniform epitomized creativity at it's finest.

I also loved the Pistons in teal, and other late 90's looks like the Nuggets, Sonics, Jazz, Suns, and the vibrant colored Spurs logo and court.

Basically, I loved everything about the late 90's. Islanders' Gorton's Fisherman included. :D


The opinions I express are mine, and mine only. If I am to express them, it is not to say you or anyone else is wrong, and certainly not to say that I am right.

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I like when teams use black. :P

No surprise there. :P

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I know I've made this clear with everyone, but I LOVED THESE.

Graphite Hats


Graphite Jerseys


The Blue Jays squandered their chance of having a really unique colour scheme if they went with more Graphite & Blue.


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Agreed with these. I was happy I was able to get my hands on one of them a few years back. They should bring these back as alternates for next season (100% serious, and would get in line to grab one)

Also, the Picasso Coyote. I want to start a beer league team and get those as our jerseys.

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Prefer just about anything with brighter colors (I'm a child of the 70s):

  • "Creamsicle" Bucs over current Bucs
  • 70s Padres over current or blue/orange Padres
  • Tequila Sunrise Astros over current Astros
  • Purple, turquoise & copper D'Backs over current D'Backs
  • Don't like the addition of gray and black to the Phoenix Suns' purple and orange.
  • Gradient color scheme of Devil Rays more than boring current set or previous set.
  • Early 90s Orlando Thunder
  • 1970s WFL So. California Sun, Portland Storm, Charlotte Hornets (yellow jerseys!!)
  • New Orleans Jazz "mardi gras" color scheme

It is what it is.

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A few in the NBA I like (BTW, somebody explain to me why the Thunder's unis get so much flack):







If you hadn't noticed, Chawls loves his wrestling, whether it be real life or sim. :D


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