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State Fair logo thread


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The gradient isn't part of the logo, it was just the background on the fliers, I believe.

It's fun and fanciful, which is probably a good way to market a state fair these days. State fairs already have an agricultural presence by default, so trying to market in a way that's more "hip" or "urban" probably does a lot to draw in the non-farm crowd.

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Closest thing to a State Fair for me would be the regional fair known as the CLE. Althought the previously mentioed CNE is in the same province, that part of the province is a 870 miles drive away. Manitoba is much closer.

CLE's 125th anniversary this year:



Winnipeg's Red River Ex:


Manitoba Summer Fair (in Brandon, MB)


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Probably the worst one I've seen since moving here. They're usually pretty good.


Says it all. Worst one I've ever seen in my entire life of living in this logodump of a state

I had to check to make sure it wasn't the Kentucky State Fair of Louisville. What the hell?!?!?!?!

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