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Creamer Concept World Cup 2018 - PLEASE SUBMIT


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Going to close this a little early since we have 35 eager entrants. Please expect your team assignment tomorrow evening - sorry I have to work. Very excited to get this thing going! 

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This World Cup features 35 teams in 5 groups of 4 and 3 groups of 5. Additional teams were chosen from inter-confederation play-in game losers and our lowly United States of America and were placed in groups at random. Those who signed up in the 32 guaranteed spots were assigned randomly to the 32 World Cup teams, the 3 stand-by participants were assigned to the 3 extra teams. So without further ado...




Group A

Russia - @bucknut42

Saudi Arabia - @Der Kaiser

Egypt - @FlyingLamprey

Uruguay - @jaytavo305


Group B


Spain - @Victormrey

Morocco - @raysox

Iran - @72freebie

New Zealand - @Brave-Bird 08


Group C

France - @SSmith48

Australia - @rsaline

Peru - @chrisCLEMENT

Denmark - @logo-maker


Group D

Argentina - @MJWalker45

Iceland - @WavePunter

Croatia - @tigers

Nigeria - @NOLAPelicans23

Honduras - @PackerFan98


Group E

Brazil - @Luke13T

Switzerland - @Griffinmarlins

Costa Rica - @VikingsAiden

Serbia - @BlackBolt3


Group F

Germany - @Zeus89725

Mexico - @gswansea

Sweden - @dsaline97

South Korea - @ECUFan25

United States - @wences


Group G

Belgium - @chapper

Panama - @Lafarge

Tunisia - @HRC4

England - @DawgPacPBH


Group H

Poland - @9innings

Senegal - @Pulv!

Colombia - @OliverP

Japan - @Whittier S


Remember, you are responsible for designing the following elements:

  • A new team crest
  • A home kit including shirt, shorts, and socks
  • A clash kit including shirt, shorts, and socks
  • A scarf related to the team (can be one-sided or two-sided)

These should all be your own designs, must fit on one image of any size, can be hand drawn, and do not need to be on a flat template. You may also submit brief artistic descriptions for your concept elements. Designs are due by Sunday, July 1, 2018, at 11:59:59 PM PDT. Please comment here if you have any questions and I will try to give you as much info as possible.

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Doing some research on Tunisia, and came across the article below that ranks the best kits for this years World Cup. Dead last: Tunisia. I guess the good news is, whatever I come up with should be an improvement. LET'S GO!!!



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10 hours ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

I will try, I can do any country


10 hours ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

Probably wont be able to, but I havent been here in like 4 months


Thanks for you interest, unfortunately the application period is closed.


8 hours ago, raysox said:

Submissions go where? When I ran it I had my PMs and email open


11 hours ago, jaytavo305 said:

sweet, can't wait to get started. where should we submit our designs?


You can PM me your submission or email it to me at ryan.saline94+wc18@gmail.com 


5 hours ago, bucknut42 said:

May we include a keeper kit as well in the submission?

No, let's keep it strictly to Primary and Clash kits. If some people have three kits and others have two it might give a competitive advantage.


I also had this question asked in a PM today:

"Hi! I was wondering if we can use a different kit manufacturer / brand for our team. Also, are we allowed to use existing templates/styles? For example, almost every Nike would use the Aeroswift template."


You may use any kit manufacturer you like, or you can go unbranded. There is no requirement for uniform templates and styles. If you decide to deviate from your team's current manufacturer, you can certainly include a blurb in your description about why it is different.


Additionally, I will allow the following additional elements on your submissions:

  • Jersey details in callouts
  • Examples of full sets of numbers 
  • Mockups of jerseys on real players

Basically, if you see it on one of the submissions from the 2014 contest it's fair game

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