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NBA Changes 2019-20


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I actually love the Timberwolves one for some reason. It’s super clean. It feels really “modern” like it was made on a computer if that makes any sense. As for the raptors one I like it but it really needs gold collars. Maybe thin gold lines like the one on the rockets main jerseys.


edit: I’ve actually loved these recent New Jersey’s. The raptors bringing back the sleek black and gold. Bucks and 76ers returning the cream. And I’m a sucker for unc and white so I love those Minnesota ones. Wizards returning starts and stripes and the nuggets reusing the rainbow in a different form. The trailblazers also doing cream while keeping their classic look and having an actual uniform set. I’m fairly satisfied with most of these jerseys

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NBA City Edition Uniforms 2019-20

November 20, 2019 - 15:35 PM

National Basketball Association teams have been releasing their new 2019-2020 “City Edition” uniforms fast and furiously over the past few days, to make things easier to keep track of I’ll be adding to this post as things come out — […]


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33 minutes ago, hettinger_rl said:

If they really wanted to celebrate the Twin Cities, why not just put "Twin Cities" on the jersey? It's a regional nickname just like "Cream City" or "Motor City" or "Rip City," and certainly more identifiable than MSP, which makes me think they're more about the airport than they are the metro area in general. 


I know, I'm being difficult. But all these extra NBA uniforms suck. Now get off my lawn. 

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19 minutes ago, WSU151 said:

I'm still trying to figure out how powder blue and white celebrates people, places, art, food, music, and culture of the Twin Cities. 


Seems more like Twin City Tar Heels. 

Well, their draft position is often high enough to get UNC players, so there’s that. 😝


Seriously, would losing the Timberwolves be all that significant a loss to the NBA (be it through contraction or relocation)?

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53 minutes ago, DG_Now said:

There's simple and there's bland. MSP Wolves is bland.


I'm a broken record, but Nike's been a disaster this season. It turns out there really aren't enough good ideas to make wholesale new NBA uniforms each season.

Not holding my breath ($$), but in a just universe, this crop of (mostly) disasters would be a wake up call to that powers that be that making teams introduce new jerseys every year isn’t a good idea.

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