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2019 NFL Season: Super Bowl LIV

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1 minute ago, Cosmic said:

Can somebody explain the coin toss to me? I didn't even realize it was possible to screw up the coin toss until the Dallas game a little while ago. Here's how I thought it worked and how it should work: team that wins the toss decides whether they want the ball in the first half or the second half; the team that loses decides which end of the field they want to defend. How in the hell was it even an option in that Dallas game that the Cowboys could have somehow kicked off for both halves?

Team that wins can either select kick, receive or defer to the second half, you don’t say you want to kick because that means you don’t defer the decision to receive in the second half. If you defer then the other team gets to pick between kick or receive, they pick receive to get the ball once, at half the captains meet again with on coin toss, the team that didn’t get to pick them selects kick or receive. 

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Congrats, Chiefs! You’ve won the Montana Bowl and ended 50 years of futility! Andy Reid may be an undeserving guy, but I really like Mahomes and @Red Comet. Congrats, gents.


Niners, I’m not as broken up as I was in 2013. You’re a good team, you’ll be back soon, and you have five already. Just be thankful you don’t have a poltroon as a GM anymore.



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