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2015 NHL Golf Thread


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The kind of player nobody cares about unless he's on your team, but the Blue Jackets extended Matt Calvert for another three years and I couldn't be happier

he's the guy that won our first ever playoff game


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Return was terrible, but it was most likely the last and only option. What's going to be hilarious is when Bickell is the 2015 Rusty Olesz, and his busted inner ear will be waived. Might be a stretch, but I'm guessing he clears waivers and joins Morin in IceHog hell.

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Ducks signed Brian McGrattan and Chris Stewart the last couple days.

Why the goons? We don't need the goons. I don't want the goons.

PLEASE trade for Shane Doan, please trade for Shane Doan...

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Of course he hit a Tim Hortons. I think that gets the death penalty in Canada.


It's the only crime you can commit that will result in the death penalty

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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