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College Football 2020

Kevin W.

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or maybe the people here don't give enough credit to the non-uniform obsessive's taste. Just because the general public isn't on a board obsessing over uniform changes, they still might appreciate good uniform design.


Really sick of the 🔥 generalization. Uniforms can be unique or full of personality, and people can like them without being the stereotype implied with that emoji. It's just a dumb dig and criticism at the general public at this point, used by people who care about uniforms to try and elevate themselves higher than the public. 


I think Maryland has done a great job at making A their identity and I'd like to see that or D continue on.  Really dislike B and C, but A is unique and gives a little personality to the team. 

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On 4/24/2020 at 10:26 AM, WSU151 said:


New uniforms are on the way for all sports, which kinda sucks for football, as I thought they looked great the past two years. Hopefully they keep the same essential look.


The Nikespeak on pretty much all these new marks is pretty nauseating. They mention "fierce" seemingly 89 times, and the font was based on circles and lines found on the Rotunda blueprints...because circles and lines are never found anywhere else. And there's some other nauseating lines...but MOD EDIT.  

Man, I thought I was being overly facetious with the compass and ruler joke... 😂


You’ve got to ask yourself if people can understand the ideas you’re trying to communicate. Do people know about these blueprints? Do they have access to them? Are you presenting the work in a way that connects the two for your audience? If the answer is no, or even maybe, then the value of the idea is questionable, in my opinion. That’s not an inherently bad thing, but here, they’re relying on that idea to essentially excuse the type for looking overly geometric and lacking polish, and that’s trouble; if people can’t understand the why, all the context is gone and you’re left with a bad piece of type.


I didn’t even make the connection that the new numbers look much more like Tech’s at first glance, either. Puzzling move, all around.

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On 4/25/2020 at 3:12 PM, DNAsports said:

Far and away the best is D



I'll be the contrarian and choose B. Black is a school color, so it doesn't feel BFBS to me. The over-designed aspects are muted and aren't too in-your-face like they are in A. The gold and red provide nice contrast against the black. Not a perfect uniform by any means, but I like the overall aesthetic. I'll take it as an alternate. 


While I also like a lot of throwbacks, and love helmet scripts, I didn't care much for the original design of D. Particularly the asymmetric coloring of the sleeve stripes, and the lack of gold on the helmet and pants. The striping patterns don't necessarily need to match, but the different elements do not feel cohesive.






This might be my favorite Maryland look. They need to tone down the flag elements they use, but I still prefer Maryland in modern/edgy form. :P



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1 hour ago, SmackNCheese said:


Willing to permanently redact my "Maryland doesn't fit in the B1G" argument if we can have this match-up every 2 years.

It does look nice! And I agree, certainly a more fitting B10 look. But I will say Michigan looks so good that they can help make just about any uniform match-up palatable. Best uniforms in football. 🙂




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2 minutes ago, j'villejags said:

It does look nice! And I agree, certainly a more fitting B10 look. But I will say Michigan looks so good that they can help make just about any uniform match-up palatable. Best uniforms in football. 🙂




The flag helmets definitely became more palatable to me when they dropped the MARYLAND from the back. looks a lot cleaner that way

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Agreed. ^^

These posts had me looking back at their uniform history. Maryland has had some decent looks over the years but I don't know if I could say they have ever really looked good. In fact, some of their sets were pretty terrible. 

(Spoiler tag so that this isn't a wall of photos.)






The helmet and pants here look like they belong on Missouri.




Mentioned what I didn't like about these earlier in the thread.




If I didn't know better and could not see any logos, I don't know if I would have guessed this was Maryland. 




Decent, but those shoulder stripes are atrocious.




They went through an awkward, overly-piped, phase








These were about as close as they've gotten for me but I'm not feeling that number font. 





I'd like to see more of the Terrapin over the flag. 




I think they could do some cool stuff by sublimating the shell pattern in small doses. Something similar to what TCU had done very well at times. Maryland could absolutely pull off a refined, modern set, but for whatever reason, they like being a bit extra.



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The same game they debuted those flag jerseys, they wore a helmet with a tortoise shell pattern on it in the first half.  Up close it looked EXCELLENT, but from a higher TV angle they looked like plain white helmets which was disappointing.  Count me in for them trying that again over more flag design tbh

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