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Players in the "wrong" uniforms

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Sergei Fedorov as a blue jacket :


I always forgot he played for them.

Nah man, Fed as a Duck is way weirder (Same for Lupul and Kunitz LOL):1011-amd-past.png

Here's Lupul and Kunitz in Cincinnati Mighty Ducks unis


I know Chris Kunitz is a decent player, but he's also been incredibly fortunate in his career. He's got a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Won a cup with the Ducks in 2007, got traded to the Penguins in 2009 and won a cup there. His chemistry with Crosby led to him being picked for Team Canada and he won a gold medal there. There's a lot of players as good as Kunitz who haven't fallen into the same kind of success.

BTW, the Blue Jackets traded Francois Beauchemin to Anaheim for Federov. Beauchemin has been a solid presence for the Ducks (and Leafs and Ducks again) ever since. Federov scored 39 goals in 185 games as a Blue Jacket. Dougie Maclean had no patience in developing players and instead went after old names like Federov and Adam Foote. Guys he thought would sell tickets. Winning sells tickets, Doug.

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Yeah, Loops and Kuntiz look fine as Mighty Ducks, but Lupul is weird as just a Duck. Especially the jersey numbers.

But I'll raise you Kunitz as an Cincinnati/Anaeheim Mighty Duck for Chris Kunitz as.... an Atlanta Thrasher!


After being claimed on waivers from Anaheim, Kunitz played a whole two games for the Thrashers before being put back on waivers and being reclaimed by Anaheim.

So like McCarthy mentioned, put that into the file of Kunitz being a very fortunate player. Played Junior A hockey in Saskatchewan, went on to Ferris State and became a Hobey Baker finalist, went undrafted out of college, signed as a free agent by the Mighty Ducks, could have had his career die after being picked up by Atlanta and then almost immediately dropping him, but he comes back to the Ducks, wins a Cup in Anaheim, wins a Cup in Pittsburgh, and wins a Gold Medal in Sochi.

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