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Rite of Spring 2019: The Chase for the Stanley Cup


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6 minutes ago, AustinFomBoston said:

Best comparison I can think of is the 2011 Packers or 2007 Cowboys. 


Oh God, Patrick Crayton.


14 year old me woke up that morning thinking about the best Cowboys team he ever saw.


Went to bed, heartbroken and crying.


I, to this day, still hate Patrick Crayton.



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1 hour ago, infrared41 said:

To paraphrase that Broncos owner after Elway's first Super Bowl win...


This one is for McCarthy!


1 hour ago, Kramerica Industries said:

Columbus earned this. @McCarthy, @crashcarson15, @infrared41, and the rest of the Jackets fans here - congratulations. Take this ride as far as you can. Enjoy it. And, if you face the Bruins in the next round, for g-ds sake, beat them. Hopefully you don't face them, but do that much if you do.


(and, for the sake of authenticity, I don't want any "likes" on this post. For :censored: s sake, my 128-point team just humiliated themselves in the most incredible fashion in the last several decades of hockey. Abiding this one wish is the least you guys can do for me right now.)


1 hour ago, Brass said:

In all seriousness, hope infrared and McCarthy are enjoying the hell out of this.


1 hour ago, Crabcake47 said:

McCarthy, infrared, congrats dudes. You’ve put up with this crap enough. Enjoy the rest of the ride. Thanks for engineering one of the biggest upsets in recent memory, one that made me care about another random EC series out of nowhere. 


Kramer, I’ve been in your spot too. It’s rough man - fight through and never lose hope that one day, your boys will pull through and get it done. Sports suck sometimes and that’s just how it is. 


1 hour ago, crashcarson15 said:

fell in love with this stupid team when i was, like, 6 for some asinine reason


un:censored:ing believable, man


stick tap to the cincinnati/jackets contingent. this thing goes beyond this franchise for that half of ohio, and i’m so, so happy for them


1 hour ago, Ice_Cap said:

First off to @McCarthy @crashcarson15 @infrared41 and any other Blue Jackets fans? Congratulations! I’ve seen you all suffer through some really bad hockey. You all deserve this and I hope my Leafs have the honour of playing your guys in the next round. 




1 hour ago, infrared41 said:


Trust me, we are. @crashcarson15 too, I'm sure. I'm as happy for McCarthy as I am for the team. He's been a CBJ fan from day one. If any fan deserved this, it's him. 


1 hour ago, infrared41 said:


McCarthy has put up with a lot more than I have. Don't forget, I was a Rangers fan for 22 years before I switched to my "hometown" team in around 2011. McCarthy has been with the Jackets from day one. He and Crash are the true "long suffering" Jackets fans." 


1 hour ago, Morgo said:

Tonight we are all McCarthy


1 hour ago, Brass said:

Can someone check on McCarthy please? Thanks.


Thank you all for the kinds words, everyone. Obviously, I'm thrilled. I'm shook. I'm drunk. I'm tired. Not going to bring up my personal playoff loss streak except to say I was having 2012 Reds and 2015 Bengals PTSD flashbacks in the 3rd period, which will from now on be known as The 20 Minute Penalty Kill. I've been with this team since they were announced in the summer of 97 and I stuck with them through a lot of bad hockey. I watched 82 games during the Jeff Carter 2011-2012 season. Why? I don't know. I never thought I'd see it. Definitely didn't think I'd see it this season. I'll have a more comprehensive summary of what I think happened tomorrow morning, I'm sure, but for now this is championship-equivalent feeling. They really :censored:ing did it. I can't believe it. 




And now what we do? We just like get to keep playing beyond the first round? Like we go to other teams' buildings and play more games after this? We get more home games? That can't be right. 


34 minutes ago, infrared41 said:

Before I forget...


Hey, Victor Hedman. You can :censored: right off. What was that you were saying after game two? Something to the effect of "you guys are good at taking a two game lead and then blowing it." I suppose that's true. You know what else it turns out that the Jackets are pretty good at? Sweeping the President's Trophy winner in the first round. Play to your strengths, I guess. 


That's one of the dumbest chirps I've ever heard. "Hey what happened last year when you lost to the same team that eliminated us?????". Made worse that he said it to Riley Nash who was a Boston Bruin and Alexandre Texier who was taking classes in some school in Finland a year ago. Sucks Hedman wasn't on the ice for the handshake to face justice for that nonsense. 

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AND THE PENGUINS GOT SWEPT TOO. Jack Johnson said he wanted to "play for a winning culture" HAHAHA what a stupid a$$hole. 



Am I dead? Did something break in the cosmos? Why are good things happening to good people all of a sudden? 




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one more thing: To the Lightning fans, you guys were the most gracious opposing fans in this whole series. I do wish this had happened to a more a$$holish fanbase, such as the Penguins, because you guys were great the entire time and I do feel a little bit bad that you now have to shoulder this burden.

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55 minutes ago, infrared41 said:

BTW, where do I pick up my replica "Second Round Playoff Participant" banner? 


Nashville and San Jose can hook you up with a supplier.




Major congrats to the Blue Jackets and Islanders. Awesome results going out to some franchises that could really use them, and just dominant performances too. There was the one OT game for the Isles/Pens series and the Jackets comeback in Game 1, but otherwise, crushing sweeps of The Historic Tampa Bay Lightning and the Pittsburgh "City of Steelers" Penguins.


Stamkos, Kucherov and Crosby combined for 1 goal and 4 assists in their teams' sweep losses. All five points came in their respective Game 4s. (Stamkos G, A; Kucherov 2A; Crosby A)

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I honestly am not sure if this has set in yet

for me completely. I was only a few months old when I went to the first ever game in Nationwide Arena. This team was what got me into sports and loving my hometown and state. Even though the Cavs won the whole thing in 2016, it just made me yearn for the Jackets to win 4 games in a round. I didn’t know what winning felt like until today. I can finally say that after 20 years, I got to see my first ever series win. Happy for the rest of the Jackets fans on this board too, we deserve this

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11 minutes ago, ninersdd said:

Go Nashville/Winnipeg/St. Louis/Colorado out of the West. Listless effort tonight by the Sharks. 


Anyone who still roots for and follows the Sharks closely is nothing but a total schmuck. They lost me as a fan a long time ago, and I’m to the point now where I actively hate this team more than I’ve ever hated the Kings, Ducks, Red Wings, Penguins, Sand Queens, and anyone else who’s repeatedly embarrassed them. 


:censored: the Sharks. Stop wasting your time with these clowns. 

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