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San Diego Padres Possibly To Get New Uniforms


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Brown and grey not only work together, I'd say they're perfect for each other. When I think of brown and grey I think of a grey tailored suite with either a brown shirt or tie and brown shoes. A classy, understated colour scheme. No reason it can't work in the world of sports.

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I like brown and yellow as a color combo. Wyoming has a special place in my heart because of it. I don't think SD will go that way. It isn't very marketable.

Knowing Mike Dee's record I wouldn't be surprised if he pushed for things to be more "hip."

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I've made my preference clear, but what is most important, in my opinion, is that they find something that they will stick with for a long time and stop being the Canucks so that some day people will associate them with one scheme. Aside from the consistent use of an interlocking "SD", they have no identity.

Secondarily, they ought to do something that makes them a bit more recognizable.

I think that this is where Brown (and whatever) comes in well. If they go to blue and red, it will take years, maybe decades, before the Padres are universally known as a blue and red team (not to mention how many of those we have already). If they go to brown, then "the brown is back" and the Padres are on the fast track to having an identity.

I think it worked well for the Astros. The had the orange/blue, blue/gold, brick/orange/black. A change to a back to this scheme sort of sent the message that "this is our identity" or even "we are back to being the Astros."

If the padres go brown (and not some bastardized blue/brown like the Chargers) then they'll be "back to being the Padres".

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I want brown (and yellow, not orange) just a much as the next guy, but I fear the same thing is going to happen as what the other in town team, Chargers, did: brown and navy.

or go brown, orange, navy, yellow, god that would be awful

It's pretty hard to imagine brown and navy working in any combination. But if we're mixing eras - how would brown / yellow / orange look? I have to admit the brown/yellow was before my time and I associate the brown/orange look with them.

(Reviewing the mothership, I guess they did use brown yellow and orange together in the early 80s)

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