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FYI: Its Real Salt Lake


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i bet they come out to a remix of eminem's real slim shady. the words would be "will the real salt lake city please not suck, please not suck, please not suck." lol (not bashing slc, just the team)

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the logo's not bad, but nobody's going to pronounce Real right or know what it means.

Just one more reason for me to make fun of Utah, as if I needed any more.

I wish I were cool and important and could have actually done something with the Utah Swarm stuff I did.:cry: I don't care for the name, but it's very MLS.

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I'm a sucker for those colors, but the name just is bad. I'm not sure what the American fan base will think of it, I had season tickets to Revolution games for three years and worked a summer at Wiz games.

Seems a lot of the crowds are either families with young kids, or else a lot of hispanics. Very few beer guzzling NFL fan types, and it seemed most of the crowd aged 30-50 knew more about the European leagues than most Americans would dream.

I'm not sure what the MLS should cater to - dream impossible big dreams of making soccer become the 4th sport in the US or just appeal to the hardcore fans and families, and fill the niche they seem to be trying to carve.

This name clearly goes for one of those, and I think NFL fans know which one.

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It was unique to have names that were...well...unique. Wiz/Wizards, Galaxy, MetroStars, Fusion, Clash (ok so not ALL of them work.) But now we have FC Dallas, and Real Salt Lake, and Chivas USA (which is in LA, which makes no sense to have 2 teams in Los Angeles especially since MLS is trying to EXPAND.) The league is starting to show signs of expanding for the hell of it, which isn't good down the road. It can be the new version of Arena Football or the new RHI.

Anyways, the logo is very REgAL. :P Nice touch to it.

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Soccer still has image of being a foreign sport here in the U.S. of A. Calling a team Real Salt Lake only adds to that.

When will the soccer folks get real and realize you have to do everything within reason to make the sport seem American?

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I disagree. It's never going to be anything more than a niche sport in the US, so you might as well identify it with the larger context. Trying to be "American" leads to stupid things like the clock counting down.

Soccer has such a great following in the rest of the world, and I'd wager that most of the MLS fans are also fans of a foreign team. Myself, I wasn't interested in club soccer until I started spending time in London.

You're right - it's a stupid name out of context. At least they recognize what it means, even if they're adapting it for their own ends.

Not to get too far offtopic, but I like the CD Chivas USA logo:


Nice to see an honest-to-goodness crest in MLS. I also like the goat (secondary?) logo, as much as we've seen of it:


Where are you guys seeing the Real Salt Lake logo? MLSNet doesn't seem to have it yet.

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