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NBA Changes 2015-16 Season


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Pretty underwhelming. The black uniform is the worst of the three. If they wanted black, why not go with a 90s throwback? The maroon jersey is a weird mix of eras. Basically the current wine uniform with white numbers and cavfanatic wordmark.

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Didn't LeBron (in)famously voice his displeasure over wearing sleeved jerseys? I guess he doesn't have as much control over that franchise as people say.

My guess is that sleeved jersey was strongly pushed by adidas. Still surprised they went with black (and God bless the Cavs marketing department for trying to spin it as an homage to the mid-90s uniforms).

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It's gotten to the point where if some of these jerseys were released on April 1, almost everyone would think that it was an April Fools Joke. That's how bad and laughable some of these are.

That black Cavs alt is bad on an LA Clippers level. Seriously, is there one redeeming quality about it?

I've stared at that jersey for a while, trying to find one good thing about it. It should not be that hard to find one good quality of a jersey. Everything about it is just awful. BFBS, huge wordless logo on the front (which sometimes can work, but here just looks weird and gaudy), sleeves ... wtf were they thinking???

Maybe I missed it, but did the Cavs explain why they made the jersey black? Or was it just a "because black looks cool" thing?

That jersey could slightly be helped if it were navy instead of black. That wouldn't make it a great jersey, but it would at least be a little more understandable.

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Don't get the hate the Cavs' black jersey is receiving apart from the sleeves. I actually like them going with black instead of navy, it suits their other colors very well, and taking the sleeves into account, big logo on the front works with that design. As a matter of fact, the trim always seemed black to me and not navy on the wine unis of the first LeBron era, that's why the retail counterparts didn't look as good to me.

It's the regular wine uni with the ugly retro logo slapped on the front that people should be upset about.

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