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College Football 2020

Kevin W.

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Seems like a downgrade to me. I get that Rutgers sucked major eggs in the current threads but there wasn't anything bad or gimmicky there. This set looks just as plain and unremarkable as it did 15 years ago.

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4 hours ago, cajunaggie08 said:

Fresno State new Adidas uniforms


Is there another view of bold blue in different lighting? I thought it was anthracite for a minute. I can see the blue shading in there but it still looks closer to grey than anything I'd consider as bold blue. 


This shoe color is bold blue but it doesn't look the same on that uniform. 

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Fresno State Bulldogs Reveal New Adidas Uniforms

August 4, 2020 - 13:40 PM

Coinciding with a move to adidas this offseason, the Fresno State Bulldogs unveiled new uniforms on Monday afternoon. Fresno State will continue to wear two helmets, one red and one white, that typically display the Bulldogs script but can be swapped out for the four-paw Bulldog logo on occasion. The


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11 minutes ago, Magic Dynasty said:

Painfully generic. Take off the name on the front and that could be any red/white/blue team in college football.


There actually aren't a lot of red/white/blue teams in college football. 


Clearly not Arizona. Clearly not Kansas. Kind of close to Houston or South Alabama. 


Classic looks often look generic. 

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2 hours ago, radchad said:

A brief homage to the best Rutgers set in recent memory: their final Nike set which lasted exactly one year. The chain-mail motif was a great modern touch.

Michigan Football: Getting to Know Rutgers Scarlet KnightsBackup quarterback Tylin Oden dismissed by Rutgers football | The ...


The current numbers with that design would have been better.

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30 minutes ago, sportsfan7 said:

The B1G has been conned into believing that New Yorkers give a sh!t about Rutgers football


I think this was rationalized/sold as a raiders to vegas kind of deal, the amount of b10 alumni in the tri-state was a large enough number that they would go to rutgers to catch their school play within a short drive. The other benefit was giving psu an additional home game as scheduling permitted.

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Pulled from the uni watch ticker that ucla is talking to other suppliers https://247sports.com/college/ucla/Article/UCLA-Bruins-Basketball-Football-UCLA-Working-on-Deal-Sources-149732663/


Outside of the other 2 players who is really a viable supplier? I can't think of a worse economic time for the bruins to secure another supplier. Neither nike or adidas are going to break the piggy bank given the state of the consumer economy and sports retail. Combine that with a cfb season that's looking rather tenuous (especially in the p12), ucla has no leverage so they will be lucky to get the equivalent of a vetereran's minumum/show me deal for the next 1-2 seasons. 

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On 8/3/2020 at 2:56 PM, dont care said:

What is chop suppose to mean?


During Schiano's first run in Rutgers, the mantra he adopted for the team was "Keep Choppin Wood" aka make sure every player on the team has a high work ethic in order to be successful.




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