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NBA Changes 2019-20


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Pistons Red/Blue Crystal Palace inspired but in reality honoring the Automobile industry and Blue Collar work ethic of Detroit.


Next season Rockets will go with Red version to honor Nasa?


Upcoming: ??


Chicago Red version of City Flag

Cleveland Navy to honor 50th Anniversary of Club

Indiana White version of 2018 set to honor Indy 500

Milwaukee updated Cream version of 2018 set to honor the breweries of Milwaukee

Toronto Red & Gold version of We The North

New York Orange version of last years set honoring Manhattan skyline

Philadelphia Cream to honor Liberty Bell similar to 2018 set honoring Ben Franklin and Deceleration of Independence

Washington updated White version of 2018 set honoring White House/Washington Monument

Charlotte White version of Buzz City

Portland White Rip City version honoring Portland hipsters/craft beer crowd

Minnesota Carolina Blue honoring original Lakers

Lakers Gold honoring 70's championship team

New Orleans White version of 2018 set honoring Mardi Gras


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17 minutes ago, ZooBlazer said:

Blazers city jersey may have leaked.




Yep, seems like a safe bet that that’s the real deal, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. All of the rumors up to this point have made it sound quite promising, and from that image it more than lives up to the hype IMO. As a Blazers fan I’m ecstatic about this, and can’t wait to see it in action. The design is heavily inspired by their inaugural white uniforms from 1970, which is obviously fitting for their 50th season celebration:



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